Precisely quantify knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies, as well as measure growth of leaders, teams and organizations with a wide range of evaluation tools.


Achieve greater organizational results with an enhanced culture of commitment that fosters ownership, improves retentions and accelerates productivity.


Provide individual and team growth opportunities with leader and executive coaching, as well as leadership and career development programs that will impact the bottom line.


Enrich workforce and succession planning, transfer knowledge and codify workforce transitions with boutique, world-class outplacement programs and transition services.

Client Offerings

  • Executive Search: offering industry leading solutions in Retained, Engaged and Exclusive Contingency Search.  For select clients and unique situations, we offer Competency Modeling and/or Executive Onboarding (called “Executive Onboarding Strategy”) with Retained & Engaged Search.
  • Interim Executives & Staff Augmentation: we partner with clients and provide short-term leadership and specialty staff solutions in Finance, Accounting, Sales, Marketing and Human Resources.  Our typical projects are from three to nine months in duration.
  • Leadership & Career Development: our codified programs increase engagement and drive sustained improvements in employee and key talent retention.  We have locally certified consultants ready to facilitate these collaborative sessions per your requirements.
  • Executive & Leader Coaching: our adjunct coaches have over 100 years of expertise in the coaching field, possessing advanced degrees and coaching certifications from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • Outplacement & Transition Services: our expertise is in high-quality, one-on-one career coaching, for middle management through the executive ranks.  Additionally, we offer working spouse and end-of-career transition programs.

Talent Management Expertise

Plumlee & Associates is the local Equity Firm for Career Partners International (CPI).  The illustration below illustrates CPI’s Talent Management philosophy and capabilities globally, through each and every local firm.

Career Partners International History

Seven premier talent management firms in North America founded CPI in 1987.  The organization has grown to be one of the world’s largest and most successful talent management consultancies.   Like most successful professional services consulting firms, CPI is structured as a limited liability company. Comprised of independently-owned talent management firms – internally referred to as “partners” – CPI holds a common organizational philosophy to provide the highest quality, personalized services that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Regardless of location, companies are assured that their employees receive consistent support that meets the highest standards in the industry.

Through our partnership, we provide clients with direct access to over 2,000 experts in career management, leader development, executive coaching, career transition, and outplacement services.

Client organizations benefit from CPI’s services through:

  • Personalized attention with programs customized to meet individual client needs
  • Outcome orientation; we are obsessed with client satisfaction
  • Regional customization of programming (as needed)
  • Creative, custom solutions that drive business results
  • Proven track record in providing workforce solutions that improve organizational effectiveness 

Career Partners International Values 

Our shared core values – results-orientation, integrity, excellence, entrepreneurship, customer-centricity, personal touch, commitment and responsiveness – unite us and provides a common purpose throughout Career Partners International.


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