Plumlee & Associates, LLC (PAA) is a boutique, full-spectrum Executive Services firm.  It was founded by Middle Tennessee native, Martin Plumlee in 2012. With over a decade of success in Executive Search and Management Consulting, Martin decided it was time to apply his knowledge and customized approach to clients of his choosing.

Our firm’s foundation is built on the idea that premier firms should be consistently profitable, growing year over year in all key metrics and retaining its’ best staff and leadership.

Middle Tennessee’s Premier Executive Services Firm

As the cliché goes, “business is a contact sport.”  Each day is different and all of our clients are challenged with doing more, with less time, fewer employees and reduced budgets.  Our founder has worked for world-class organizations such as General Electric and Johnson & Johnson.

So, if your firm falls into any or all of these scenarios discussed below, we are ready to speak with you today.

  1. Critical senior staff/middle management/executive level positions have been added or the candidate has recently departed your organization;
  2. Top performing leaders or future high potential middle managers in your company have been identified for greater investments OR your organization has a leader(s) with developmental needs;
  3. Your firm has been acquired, divesting a business line or will soon make hard decisions around personnel; understanding your company’s standing in the community, a graceful and proper transition for your employees is very important.

In summary, we offer Executive Search (Retained and Engaged), Leadership Development, Executive & Leader Coaching, and Outplacement/Transition Services to clients across the Middle Tennessee region.  We look forward to communicating with you; email or call us anytime.  Thank you.

For more on Plumlee & Associates, please watch the short video below :