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In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Tony interviews Martin Plumlee, Nashville Equity Partner at Career Partners International. Martin is also the Founder and Managing Principal at Plumlee & Associates LLC. He has been working in the Human Resources and Search/Talent Management field for over 11 years.

Episode 25 talks about the leadership story of Martin, how he came to be a leader and how he developed as one. Martin first focused on the quote that resonated with him deeply: “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up!” – Coach Jim Valvano, ESPY Awards 1993.  Martin said that as leaders, we need to have the courage to pursue our dreams and goals. He also narrated the significant wins in his career that helped him become the leader that he is today. In one of those wins, Martin said that developing a strategic and actionable plan is vital in achieving long term success. He also stated that your next windfall is just around the corner and that’s why you should treat every customer or potential customer special. Tony also added that the secret source of a leader should not be only about the block and tackle of tactical execution but executing to the standard.

In this episode, Tony and Martin also discussed about how a person will know the standard to follow in a plan they formulate.  Martin says you have to do initial counseling by laying out the duties, responsibilities and performance expectations because at the end of the day, people will want to know their goals, boundaries and what they can do. For Martin, this is how you get people to buy in to the goal or process to get something done. Listen to this week’s episode as Tony and Martin discuss more about executing to standards and becoming a better leader.


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