Once you have top tier talent in place, you need to keep them engaged and help them excel in their role. Companies should not assume (though they often do) that just because leaders are the right people in the right seats, they will automatically stay engaged forever. In fact, it can be hard to tell when a strong leader has begun to lose interest, because they keep performing.




Through coaching, leaders become engaged individuals who excel in their role inspiring new ideas and innovative solutions to company challenges. This is critical to retention and could save you 50% – 200% of the executive’s total salary in replacement costs. Thus making executive coaching an important investment in both the executive and the company.

Executive coaching will:

  • Enhance executive’s extensive skills and abilities to ensure organizations receive high returns on their executive investments.
  • Accentuate strengths and develop skills in alignment with the organization’s needs and objectives.
  • Provide essential tools that help executives effect change in themselves – 360⁰ feedback, literature, exercises, and anecdotal aids from real experience.


Customized Programs

We customize our programs to engage each leader’s intellect, emotions, beliefs and business perspectives, ultimately leveraging their personal development and growth to drive measurable results. We use a 4-phased approach that helps executives:

  • Create a heightened sense of self and organizational dynamics
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Extend the impact of their strengths throughout the organization
  • Increase levels of responsibility

Frequently Resulting in:

  • Maintained peak performance
  • Reduced turnover
  • Greater organizational productivity
  • Increased leader engagement

Delivery Model

In working with clients our 4-phased approach ensures that the needs of the leader are met and in alignment with the organization’s needs and objectives.

executive coaching

Plumlee & Associates / CPI – Middle Tennessee tailors executive coaching programs to fit the needs of the organization and the participants, bringing immense value to all the parties.

Contact Michele@PlumleeAssociates.com to schedule a meeting to discuss how executive coaching can support your organization.