Evaluating Retirement 

“Retirement” no longer means that a person stops working; rather, it is considered a period of transition where an individual re-focuses and re-balances his or her lifestyle to align with personal circumstances and choices

When your aging workforce is ready to retire, it is invaluable to provide support for this significant transition. Making the switch from full-time and often more than full-time hours to retirement can feel like jumping off a cliff. Unfortunately, anxiety about the transition can drive them to stay in their positions longer than what is healthy for them or the company.

You can support them through this process and ease the transition by helping them understand and create a vision for a new and exciting future. 

New Horizons – Mapping Your Life Options®

Through our New Horizons – Mapping Your Life Options® program, your mature workforceprepares for this transition by assessing their retirement readiness. Then strategic plan is developed leading to a future aligned with their changing lifestyle and renewed fulfillment. 

In working with coaches certified in New Horizons – Mapping your Life Options®, participants will:

• Create a self-portrait of personal needs 
• Design their ideal lifestyle
• Become fully invested in a new and rewarding journey

When the subject of “retirement” comes up, many people take a view that is narrow and short-sighted when compared to the options available. Only by exploring all of these options — in the context of personal circumstances, dreams, and needs — can one begin to develop a retirement plan that brings the fulfillment we aspire to achieve.

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