Providing quality Outplacement, Plumlee & Associates / CPI: Middle Tennessee helps transitioning employees understand that career changes don’t have to be career-ending. Our career consultants, experienced in virtually every industry, provide transition candidates with the type of support that helps them ease their anxieties and gain a better foothold on their next role or career path. Also, with the best consultant-candidate ratio in the field, candidates receive one-on-one, face-to-face assistance ensuring their programs are personalized to their specific situation.

The way in which an organization plans for and implements a workforce transition can significantly impact productivity, engagement, attraction, retention, brand loyalty, and ultimately business success.

Our Outplacement Services professionals help organizations downsize in a way that creates minimum disruption of business and maintains employee productivity.  Our team of experts works closely with organizations before, during and after workforce transitions as we provide the following services:

  • Workforce reduction planning
  • Manager preparation training
  • Internal and external communications
  • On-site implementation support
  • Pre and post-transition change management

We offer a unique set of resources to help guide employees leaving organizations through their next career move with:

  • Conducting a job search
  • Transitioning into a new field
  • Starting a business
  • Opening a consultancy
  • Planning for retirement


Outplacement Testimonial

I was connected with Martin and Jane at Plumlee & Associates | Career Partners International: Middle Tennessee as my former employer was preparing for a sale of the business.  It was an interesting and uncharted period of my 20-plus year career, having never been in a situation where there was a firm need to find a new position.  My family had recently relocated to the Nashville area from the Northeast, and I was reticent to disrupt our personal lives with another potential move. Fortunately for me, this was obviously not the first rodeo for Martin and Jane. They both were incredibly responsive, understanding and insightful, offering both practical advice as well as being active and caring listeners.

Martin and Jane jumped right in and provided a wealth of information and educational online and traditional tools and resources that accelerated my job search into the 21st century.  Their wise counsel helped me streamline my resume, create an even stronger personal brand and sales pitch, and further immersed me in the world of digital career searching.

Even more importantly, I was able to frequently leverage their strong regional hiring manager and executive level contacts at dozens of local companies to open doors to introductory conversations.  Their encouragement and personal and digital networking assistance was the perfect complement to a more traditional strategy of seeking open positions and applying via websites.

From the first meeting, the goal they shared with me was to garner “multiple” job offers for consideration.  Candidly, I thought that was aggressive, but within 35 days of beginning my search, I had two firm offers locally for officer level executive positions, and several other opportunities well down the path of extended discussions.

Making the best choice for my career and family, I conferred with the team and accepted a Vice President position literally a few hundred yards from my former employer, avoiding the disruption of another relocation for my family and even improving my commute by a few minutes!

I offer my unqualified endorsement for partnering with Plumlee & Associates | Career Partners International: Middle Tennessee for either a corporate or individual need situation!  Their expertise and personalized approach will well serve candidates and corporations alike.

– Rob B., Vice President, Marketing, Local Healthcare Company