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“Showing up is ninety percent of the work” remains a common adage in business and life. Prospective employees often misconstrue this advice by believing that showing up makes them qualified to earn a better position or job promotion.  If you want to push your career to the next level, you must exude the characteristics of a formidable leader. Here are top executive interview traits that will propel you one step higher on the success ladder.


A simplified definition of professionalism includes arriving for your appointment on time and dressing appropriately. Your prevailing impression with an interviewer goes beyond your appearance. It is also evident in the following: how you act, your attitude, and your preparation. Handling tough inquiries in a courteous manner and showing respect to others provides the hiring manager with a comprehensive view of your leadership strengths.


Nerves are normal before any interview; however, too much anxious energy sets the wrong tone. Transform traces of self-doubt or worry into passion and a positive attitude. Listen intently to the interviewer and engage with the questions they ask. Use the process to clearly demonstrate your strengths and capabilities.


The verbal and physical cues you communicate are a dynamic reflection of how you will relate to potential employees and clients. Convey your ability to comprehend, analyze, and review plans by posing your own inquiries about the position. Be concise and clear explaining your expertise and ideas. Maintain body language that commands attention, while staying as relaxed and approachable.


The best corporations’ top level executives are more than fair-weathered leaders. Businesses aspire to hire a dedicated boss who embrace challenges. Motivating yourself, as well as inspiring a team to achieve short and long term goals, is one of the most important top executive interview traits. Provide examples about how you have propelled yourself towards achieving significant milestones and the skills you’ve gained that validate your innate commitment.

Team Oriented

Nobody gets to where they want to be without the assistance of their peers. A vital component of successful leadership is setting a compelling example for your team and clients. As an independent and goal-getting manager, you must listen, embrace challenges, execute plans, and troubleshoot problems. How have you established and coordinated your network in the workplace? Be honest about your abilities to develop substantial relationships between you and your business associates.

Meeting with a hiring manager is the first step to securing your future position as an executive leader. When you demonstrate these traits during an interview, you will effectively prove your experience and confidence to be an indispensable asset.

Getting to the interview is another piece of the puzzle. Contact us today to learn about career opportunities and executive placements that will take your career to the next level.