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Your HR department likely does a fantastic job with candidate recruitment and selection. If you are looking into securing additional top talent, though, you might need to go beyond the typical steps HR takes to attract new employees. Top talent requires special effort; knowing how to take those extra steps will take your recruitment attempts to the next level. 

Below are some tactics to secure the best employees for your organization.

Be Flexible

If you want to hire top talent, you must redefine how your business operates. Making concessions like such as hiring for part-time positions or allowing more time working from remote locations allows for flexibility that much of the top talent craves today. 

Though it may take some reorganizing on your part, making these changes can have a tremendous impact on who’s willing to come work for your business. Flexibility can help make up for deficits like lower pay or fewer benefits among those individuals who value their freedom in their career.

Develop Relationships

Your next step is to start developing relationships. You want to ensure that you are not recruiting top talent only from your competitors, but getting them right out of college and high school. Don’t just attend job fairs at these locations – build relationships with professors and with relevant departments of student employment. Creating a talent pipeline can help you  hire great employees early in their careers and gives you a chance to recruit them before your competition. knows that they are available. 

Leverage Current Talent

Don’t forget that you have tremendous talent working for you now. Give incentives to your employees to recommend people to work for you, usually tying the incentive to both the new employee’s hiring and how long he or she remains with your team. You can leverage your current talent pool to bring in excellent workers who may be overlooked by your industry peers. 

Destination:  Your Company

One of the keys to consistent candidate recruitment is to respond to passive candidate inquiries. Make your business the type of place that the top employees want to work and you will find them submitting resumes faster than you can read through them. Creating an excellent corporate culture, offering competitive pay and ensuring that you are transparent about your hiring and promotion policies is a great way to ensure that the best employees in your field will seek your  team ahead of other employers.

Acquiring great new employees will require more than the standard HR recruitment procedures. Ensure that you make your business a great place to work, that you are flexible, that you leverage your current employees and that you always maintain relationships with the schools who can bring you the best talent. If you’re able to do all of that, you’ll find that some of the best talents in your field will seek out your opportunity.

Find The Right External Recruiter

For many companies the best way to hire is to work directly with experienced and reputable executive recruiters. Despite tackling the steps listed above, employers benefit from using recruiters to meet their leadership needs quickly. This saves money, time, and energy that can convert from finding the right fit to executing long-term company goals.  

The right “outside” recruiting team can become a valued talent partner relationship that can assist when necessary. When a recruiter clearly understands your company culture, values and dynamics, they can consistently provide the quality candidates you desire (and need to win today).

If you require the services of an executive search firm or you are a top tier candidate ready to make the transition to a new executive career opportunity, we’re here to help. Contact us today to see how we can help benefit your company.