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Hiring executive leadership is one of the most transformative decisions a company can make; successful organizations know that finding and retaining top talent fuels business.  Executive leadership is important for several reasons: they instill confidence in employees, they make critical (and timely) business decisions, and lead companies toward financial success. 

Whether your organization is facing a change of strategy or needs a fresh perspective on solving big picture goals and building new processes, hiring a new executive leader is an opportunity to revisit priorities and hire the best available candidate. 

Here are 3 tips for hiring difference- making executive leadership.

Tip 1: Set Goals Before Hiring

As an organization, you should set expectations for hiring C-level talent. Ask yourself, “What do I want to get out of this hiring?” “What qualities do I want in a top executive?” “How will this hiring help the business achieve its goals?”

As you answer these questions, create the success metrics for the position. These will guide the interview process and allow candidates to address the ways they can meet those goals. 

Tip 2: Take A Deliberate Approach

Filling entry-level positions is usually faster and carries less risk than filling top-talent positions. While every new hire provides value to a team, C-suite executives are making decisions that directly shape the company’s future. It’s best to approach the hiring process knowing it may take time to find the right fit. An interim executive may also provide tremendous value during these transitional times.  Ultimately, this relieves the pressure of filling the job too quickly. 

During an executive search, it’s critical to interview multiple candidates. Evaluating several people gives you insight into their approach to difficult questions or tough situations. Top talent requires more time and effort initially, but typically pays off in the long run. Moving too rapidly could mean hiring the wrong person, creating unnecessary and costly turnover. Ensure that the person you choose is the right fit for your company size and sector; they need to achieve all strategic goals and objectives.  

Tip 3: Find Qualified Candidates

Selecting the right candidate from a large pool is a wonderful challenge to work through at your organization.  Before that’s possible, you will have to attract that talent to your company. Finding quality candidates who will fulfill the needs of your company is challenging for most – large and small.

Executive recruiters provide a larger pool of candidates, increasing your chances of finding a great executive for your company. The right recruiter has existing relationships to draw upon and a clear understanding of soft skills and business acumen needed for both your industry and the position.