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In today’s competitive business environment, companies are always seeking opportunities better themselves. Examples include: expansions, new client relationships, attract additional investors, and consumer experience enhancement. The lack of quality and available talent makes this very challenging. Talent shortage remains the biggest hurdle of the recruitment process affecting global organizations today.

Today, more companies realize veterans possess a unique skill set that makes them the quintessential talent to groom for executive roles in their organization.

Proven Leadership

Natural leaders are rare; in their roles, they offer invaluable innate skills to their teams. Where the typical civilian might require intensive training and certifications, their military counterpart stands ready in most cases. Veterans leverage their skill and experience, which accelerates their ability to assume new leadership responsibilities. This population knows how to effectively manage crises, as well as possessing an exceptional work ethic. Military training also instills mission-driven culture that individuals can successfully leverage to their advantage in the workplace. Companies need all employees, especially executives, that demonstrate this level of commitment to achieving business objectives.

Military-Trained Candidates Are Valuable Assets

Globalization and emerging technology trends are key business drivers of modern industries. The military population often adopts new technologies before mainstream markets and businesses. Continuous education and technical skills are also part of the military institution. Therefore, most veterans are technology savvy and aware of the interconnected nature of global business.

Military-trained employees put service before personal goals and aspirations. They are also trustworthy and uphold the best of societal values. These individuals place a high value on integrity, loyalty, commitment, and accountability, which are the core pillars of building a resilient workforce.

A number of veterans have experienced different cultural backgrounds, languages, and the nuances of international communication. They advocate for inclusion and diversity, a must for leading organizations today. With a strong emphasis on unity versus division, military-trained leaders strive for inclusion of all. It is a strategy that empowers a team working towards a shared commitment, setting aside any biases regarding sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, etc. As self-motivators, these individuals always take the initiative to exercise self-discipline. Reminders are not necessary!

Top Talent Will Boost Net Income

There are tens of thousands of qualified candidates transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce today. Companies striving for bottom-line growth can leverage military talent to realize their business objectives. Having the right candidates installed as leaders is a necessary resource to deliver bottom-line performance, as well as gain a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving global marketplace. With impressive communication skills, self-motivation, reliable work ethic, and loyalty, businesses can trust that military leaders will quickly grow in their civilian roles.

As a veteran-owned executive search firm, we specialize in sourcing, screening, and selecting high performing veterans for companies. We believe organizations need and deserve top talent, and that often includes veterans. Our team also works with companies to create veteran hiring programs. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, contact us today.