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If you dread going into work each morning, it’s time to start exploring new career opportunities. While all jobs come with “bad days,” there are very few reasons reason to remain in a position that is not right for you and your long-term plans. Here are telltale signs it’s time to polish your resume and practice those interview skills!

Unrelenting Stress

While it’s common to experience stress in the C-suite, this only applies to a few of us. If you aren’t receiving the support you need, it’s time to move forward. Burnout is inevitable if you’re working ridiculous hours and unable to disconnect from your work – at home or on vacation.

Your Passion Is Dwindling

If you’re in a position that you love, your passion revives effortlessly and remains generally constant. Does your current position still pique your interest?  If not, it’s likely because the challenges are few and far between. Ensure that you have asked for or created your own opportunities before a final exit. If none exist, it may be time to find a new team to join professionally.

Company Culture No Longer A Fit

Another sign is if the company culture doesn’t match your personal work ethic, performance standards, or business processes. A strong organizational structure is critical for success, but it’s also important that it aligns with your own. According to this Harvard Business Review article, company culture impacts employee play, purpose, and potential. If you are struggling with any or all of these, it may be the environment itself that’s the root cause of your dissatisfaction..

Stagnating Skills

Understanding the skills needed to perform well provides confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Yet, do you feel you have a whole set of skills that are underutilized? High-achieving executives thrive in environments where ALL their skills are put to good use rather than a select few.

Your Progression Has Plateaued

If you no longer see upward movement with your current company, why settle and remain in place? There are numerous opportunities for growth: locally, regionally and nationally. You will have the ability to advance, reach your highest potential, and set more rewarding long-term goals.

Toxic Work Environment

Company culture is one thing; a toxic workplace is another. A workplace that goes beyond being the “wrong fit” and moves into creating physical or mental distress may be toxic. One sign is if your evenings are filled with complaints about co-workers, bosses, and/or your employees. Here are 5 other signs that’s what you are dealing with and that it’s time to get out.

You Are Underappreciated

If you consistently deliver results but your employer fails to provide appropriate recognition, consider that this may the time to leave. Determine whether this issue can be addressed and corrected moving forward. Perhaps you have noticed a pattern of others receiving promotions over you time and time again.

Many people simply stay in positions that no longer suit them; change is hard! Deciding whether or not to pack up your desk is a tough call sometimes. You may experience any one of the signs above intermittently at some point in a job. If these signs continue to plague you, talk to a respected recruiter about what other possibilities are out there. Remember, you only have one career to build and enjoy for a finite period of time.